As a commercial design-build architectural and general contracting company, our skilled and experienced team embodies the core of design-build and we take ownership of each project, from design through construction. Design build is a more efficient and collaborative approach than traditional design and construction services. At our core, the TJK team is collaborative and communicative. We are creative listeners and planners. Plus, we have fun! These attributes are essential to design-build and the achievement of our customers’ vision. From conception and planning, through execution and completion, our team focuses on offering our customers functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing solutions.
What is Design-Build? – Design-build is a turnkey method of design and construction delivery that provides customers with a single source of responsibility for planning, design and construction. Owners have a single point of contact, and benefit from one organization coordinating each stage of design and construction; architectural, engineering, subcontractor selection, bidding and budget creation, contracting, permitting, construction, inspection and delivery. The Design Build organization manages all aspects fo the process from design, through construction, and post-construction.

Design-build provides customers with key advantages:

  • Transparency:  With projects developing from inception, through design and into construction, all under one roof, both the customer and design-build team benefit from transparency in pricing and final product. 
  • Communication: Construction and design are fluid, as can be a customer’s vision.  Design-build offers seamless communication, with one organization handling all design, scheduling and construction.
  • Collaboration: Design-build companies plan projects based on customer’s present vision, and future needs, rather than around minimum design requirements. 
  • Single Source Responsibility:  The Design Build organization manages all contracts and coordination from design, through construction, and post-construction. 

30 years in business!  We attribute our longevity and success to our ability to pivot and be agile.  Just as market conditions are ever-changing, customer visions and projects change too.  Our licensed architects and experienced field superintendents don’t miss a beat!

Completing a project on time and on budget, or having plans properly drawn, are what you’d expect from an architect or contractor.  As a design-build company, TJK provides what you’d expect and more. You’ll benefit from our many years of valuable experience navigating the processes and procedures to get your project started quickly and completed on time.

Through a forward-looking, practical, approach, we will thoughtfully consider your current needs while advising you for future growth.  

  1. What is your vision
  2. Conceptual Design
  3. Architectural Planning
  4. Budgeting
  5. Approvals and Permitting
  6. Construction
  7. Delivery