After 30 years in business, TJK Design Build continues to operate with the same proven motto: Work Hard, Be Fair, Have Fun.

“It’s What We Do”

At TJK Design Build we understand and respect the power of buildings. We know they are more than just a collection of materials— they are a reflection of their occupants, their neighbors and the city they are part of. This knowledge requires us to design and construct buildings that are something more than the sum of their parts, and since 1992 we have been doing just that.


A new professional building is about more than bricks and mortar, it’s about you: a reflection of your diligence and success. The possibilities are endless… and the challenge is exciting. TJK can help you to create a building that meets your company’s goals and embodies your company’s spirit.


TJK has a long history of retail development work. Developers choose us because we understand the necessary balance between street presence and competitive pricing. Because of our involvement we can help attract–and keep–tenants. Tenants rely on TJK to develop creative solutions that reflect their company’s unique vision in a cost-effective manner. Both parties depend on our experience in the business to finish the project on time and on budget.

Great Quality Performance

“TJK Design Build provided us our new facility, a job well done. TJK completed this project ahead of schedule and on budget. All work was scheduled and performed in a timely fashion and subcontractors expertly coordinated. I offer these comments to indicate not only our satisfaction, but to express to the future prospects the strength and commitment TJK Design Build demonstrated to quality performance. We look forward to the day when we will have the opportunity to again work with TJK Design Build.”

– Don Kenney

Awesome Team to Work With

“TJK Design Build constructed our new facility and corporate office in Fitchburg, WI, as well as several of our other offices in surrounding communities. TJK Design Build continues to impress us with their capabilities, responsiveness, talent and being well organized. These are just a few of the reasons why we continue to rely on TJK Design Build.”

– Dave Stark

High Quality and Cost Efficient

“We have found TJK Design Build Inc. to be vigilant on quality and cost control.  TJK has been successful in working effectively to get the job done.  We demand attention to detail and a contractor who will keep an eye on the job.“

– Brad Binkowski


At TJK we understand the typical facility can be a straightforward, no-nonsense affair: hardworking and efficient first, that’s true, but looks are important too. We don’t believe that these two qualities have to be mutually exclusive; we create cost-effective industrial facilities that don’t conform to a “big box” stereotype.


While new construction lets us work in wide open spaces–both figuratively and literally–remodeling forces us to solve problems within a confined area. It’s a different sort of challenge, and one that we enjoy. Sensitivity is key: we know how to maintain the integrity of your building and the integrity of your workspace throughout the construction process. Our team offers code research, creative design solutions and effective hands-on project management.